Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

1. Go to MyClipShare SignUp Page.

2.Select appropriate username.

3. enter a valid email id.

4. Select password and and re-enter password to confirm it again.

5.Click Signup. Make sure that by clicking the Signup link you certify that you are above 14 years of age and agree to our terms of use and privacy policy

Email verification.

Once you've signed up for a MyClipShare account, you'll need to confirm your email address in order to activate your new account.

The confirmation link that you'll use to confirm your email address is included in a "Welcome" email that you'll receive after signing up for your username. Confirming your email address is required to perform many actions on MyclipShare, such as uploading videos and posting comments.

New members can follow the steps below to confirm their email:

1. Once you've created your username on our Sign Up page, we'll send a confirmation email to the email address that you entered.

2. Click the Confirm Email page link within that email (you can also copy and paste the provided link into your browser, if you prefer).

3. You've finished! You'll be directed to a confirmation page and you can immediately begin exploring the site!

You didn't receive confirmation email

Usually you would receive confirmation email from MyClipShare immediately after signup but if for various reason if you didn't receive it check in your spam folder— some spam filters are more aggressive than others in identifying spam. If you still haven't received it after several hours, please try using a separate email address to confirm your email.

*need more help write to